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ICD-10 Update: Delayed Until 2015

on 08 April, 2014

ICD-10, the newest code set for medical claims, was originally scheduled to be fully implemented this coming fall. However, the United States Senate recently passed the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014, which will significantly delay the implementation deadline. Many questions about the delay, its length and its affects are still unanswered, but it seems likely that the new deadline will be October 1, 2015 – a full year after its original implementation date. 

 Many members of the healthcare industry are affected by this decision. For some, the delay provides relief because it allows for more time for preparation. For others, it is causing frustration because many resources, including millions of dollars, have been used to prepare for the fall 2014 implementation.  

Because it is merely a small part of the bill, there is not a lot of detailed information about the ICD-10 delay provided in by Congress. Some questions that still remain include:

Can organizations voluntarily implement ICD-10 if they are ready?

Should we focus on ICD-11 instead because it is scheduled to be implemented in 2017?

When exactly is the new deadline for implementation?

Will the next deadline be permanent?

Overall preparation efforts for the new code sets will likely slow down or come to a halt until the CMS provides these answers and sets new deadlines.